Online dating

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Online chatting is still a very popular way to connect with strangers. There are plenty of websites where you can chat. These chat sites have the opportunity to participate in a chat room. Often chat rooms have their own topic – this way you can easily discuss and debate a specific subject that you are interested in with strangers.

There are chat sites where you have to create a username and profile. The advantage of this is that you can easily build up a contact. By adding online friends you make sure that an online chat conversation that you can continue with at a later time. Without an online profile this is more difficult because you will need to find a contact based on a username. Besides, the same name can also be used by different people.

Online chat

Years ago, during the early days of the internet chatting was very popular. There were several websites where you could chat on anonymously. Many people who used to chat will probably still remember the TMF chat or ICQ. Later when MSN came out, online chatting became really popular. Due to the arrival of smartphones, there are currently very few people who still chat online on these platforms. Most people are now using WhatsApp or another similar chat app.

Chatting via dating sites

Most dating sites offer the possibility to chat with other members. The advantage of chatting via a dating site is that members are normally screened beforehand. This reduces the chance of fakers. Of course you can’t be 100% certain that all members have good intentions. Therefore, always keep some reserve and never share personal information.

Chat via apps

Dating apps shoot up like mushrooms. Young people in particular prefer dating apps to dating sites to get to know new people. Well-known apps on which contact can be made with strangers are Tinder, Bumble, Happn and Grindr. Members on dating apps are not screened and should therefore be assessed with extra care. Always use your own common sense when sharing personal information!