Five tips to help you get up early

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We are all familiar with that dreaded feeling of when it’s early in the morning and the alarm goes off. You’ve pressed snooze a few times already and you’re wasting your time even though you are actually in a hurry and have a lot to do!

What’s the best thing to do about it?

Always go to sleep well prepared

Eating the wrong things at the wrong time can confuse your body and make it harder to fall asleep quickly. Eat healthily and not too close before bedtime. Never consume alcohol, spicy food, coffee or sweets (such as chocolate) before bedtime.

Don’t forget your alarm clock

This may sound a little obvious, but your alarm clock is the most important tool you can use to make sure you don’t arrive late for your appointments. Set your alarm clock to go off multiple times to prevent you from sleeping through it. Try setting your alarm clock on the other side of the room as well. This way you have to get up first to turn it off, this will make it a lot harder to fall asleep again. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, it can also be useful to change the sound of your alarm clock from time to time. Your brain has slowly gotten used to the old sound and a different sound will wake you up a lot easier.

Make getting up less painful

To make getting up easier, you can do a few little things that matter a lot in the morning. For example, get your clothes ready the night before. This way you don’t have to look for a nice shirt in the dark! It’s also a good idea to fill the thermos with water before you go to sleep or to set up the coffee machine in such a way that all you have to do is press a button when you wake up. What can also help is to save a little reward for yourself for the morning. For example, watch the last 15 minutes of your favourite program while you’re having breakfast and once you start looking forward to this ritual, getting up is a lot easier. Refer to this complete guide containing special steps that will help you improve your sleep

Go to sleep in the right mood

It helps to go to sleep without too many things on your mind. Be happy with yourself and the people around you. If you look forward to the next day, falling asleep will also be a lot easier. For example, never go to sleep angry, this only makes it more difficult. Try to resolve quarrels or disagreements first and make sure you have a better night’s sleep.

Avoid TV and social media in bed

When you go to bed it should be a time of rest and relaxation. Avoid watching loud television shows and any bright screens, your mind won’t be able to relax. You can also lose track of time on social media like Instagram and Facebook and before you know it, it’s 1am.