5 simple money savings tips

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A lot of people have the idea that you spend way too much money on peripherals. We share our savings tips here to make sure you have more money left at the end of the month.

Don’t jump into your car so often

There are many ways to save on transport. Consider alternatives to driving around in your private car – when was the last time you took the bus? Or hopped onto your bike? Have you considered walking to the shops? Plan your trips to see if you can combine some of them in order to save time and fuel consumption.

Find out which deductibles you qualify for

No one is super happy about the tax man but he is here and he’s not going anywhere therefore it’s crucial to Learn the basics of income tax law. It might sound tedious but it is time well spent. You might be entitled to deductions and reimbursements you weren’t aware of.

Buy your products with discount codes

Before you buy a product, always check to see if there is a discount code somewhere online. Many companies offer discount codes on different websites which you can then use to buy the product at a discount.

See if you can sell or rent out old unused items.

Take a critical look at your barn and your attic. Maybe you’ll find some things there that you never use and that still yield some money in the marketplace, for example. Do you think you’ll use this stuff again? Then see if you can rent it out on one of today’s many shared platforms. This not only saves money but also space!

Decide where you are going on holiday NOW

At many travel agencies nowadays the early booking discount is higher than the discount you get when booking a last-minute trip. So think quickly about where you want to travel to next summer!

Bonus tip

If you’re struggling to stick to a budgeting plan in order to save money, your next best option is to rely on a financial advisor who will help you figure out your financial goals. You need to be able to know what’s going on with your finances, before you are able to take control of them. Coming up with financial goals, whether it is buying your dream house, or taking some time off from work, can help you work towards those goals. Click here to learn more about how an online financial planner can help you build wealth!