Top 10 Jobs for a Digital Nomad

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Looking for jobs to become a digital nomad? Understandable, because full-time travel around the world is not for free. You need to earn money while traveling to survive the adventure. But what can you do if you’re hopping from country to country? In this article, we tell you about the top 10 jobs for digital nomads.

Top 10 jobs for digital nomads

1. Online coach

For this first digital nomad job, you must have a skill that you are very good at or experience in a certain field. Whether it’s HR, personal development, switching careers, spiritual card readings, playing the guitar, or singing. You can work with it as an online coach and offer online courses.

Online coaching works in two ways: offering e-courses and 1-on-1 coaching in video calls.

2. Digital nomad jobs as an online advertiser

Online advertising; think about Facebook / Instagram advertisements, Google advertising (SEA), and advertising with Affiliate Marketing.

Companies prefer not to engage in all different kinds of advertising, not in-house at least. They do know the basics of advertising on different channels, but not how it actually works. For them, it takes too much time and they simply are not as interested in it to learn it. They rather focus on innovating their products. That is exactly where online advertising experts come in.

To make money with online advertisements you need to know what you are talking about. Therefore, study the different channels well.

3. Content marketer

A short introduction. Content marketing is the use of content with the aim of generating more publicity and sales. Most of the time it means writing articles for companies. Think of a service review, product description, press release, or for example this particular blog post, etc. Creating and placing this type of content on the customer’s website makes the website more visible in Google (SEO). That visibility translates into more organic visitors to the website and thus more potential customers. So in this case, your writing skills are worth money.

Read about why Content Marketing is important, written by a Digital Nomad (me).

4. Web designer / Developer as a digital nomad job

Creating websites is still a high-earning business and has become simpler over the years. Programming knowledge is no longer necessary as a website-building digital nomad because you can create anything with WordPress, SquareSpace, or other CMS’s (Content Management Systems). It does help to have programming knowledge, it could be a big plus, but like mentioned before, it’s not necessary.

It may take a while before you know how to make good WordPress websites, and experience shows that it is quite hard to start with. But it could be worth it!

5. Publish an ebook

Whether you are a good writer or not, publishing ebooks on Amazon, or on your own platform is a great source of income. You do not necessarily have to write the book yourself, as long as you can sell it. You can easily hire a ghostwriter, which is also a great job for digital nomads!

6. Online teaching

For many digital nomads, jobs in teaching English is how they kick-started their digital nomad lifestyle. They mainly teach English to students in China, and with a huge demand for American English lessons a great opportunity for you!

If you want to teach as a digital nomad job, it can be very helpful if you already support some students in your home country and have great references. It helps with gaining the trust of the parties who would hire you.

7. Dropshipping as work for a digital nomad existence

A very popular revenue model among digital nomads: dropshipping. Dropshipping means that you sell products to customers (does not have to be your own products) without having to take care of the distribution yourself. So you have the benefits of a webshop, but not the burden of having to deliver the products and renting a warehouse, etc.

So what you do as a dropshipper, is purely marketing and selling the products. You can do this by starting your own online store via Shopify, or one of the other 1000 options in this area.

Sidenote: Online marketing is actually a must-have skill for almost all jobs as a digital nomad. Because whatever you do, you will have to know how to sell yourself.

8. Online translator as a digital nomad jobs

If you know more than one language, this digital nomad job may be something for you. A translator is required for translating texts such as a web text or translating a book. You agree on an amount per e.g. 100 words with your customer and you can start translating texts at any location in the world. Your translating speed determines the hourly rate here.

9. Video editor

Creating, editing, and/or merging videos is a time-consuming task for many people. This also applies to companies. It is therefore also something they like to outsource. With a few simple courses online, you can quickly start as a video editor. You use a program like Adobe Premiere, or iMovie, and then earn your money online.

Consider, for example, editing company videos, wedding videos, after movies, or a report. There is an assignment for every level in editing.

10. Social media manager

Social media has become extremely important, but there is a lot of work to be done. Instagram not only has the feed but also the stories and IGTV. And Facebook and Youtube also have things like “stories”. Either way, it is a full-time job that you can get started with.

You can manage anyone’s social media from anywhere in the world. The nice thing about this digital nomad job is that it is never a short project. Social Media means long term strategies that you as a Social Media Manager will implement. It means you will have a constant flow of income. This way you avoid financial stress when you are abroad.

Ok, one more:

11. Virtual assistant from the other side of the world

From personal assistant to virtual assistant: the online assistants are growing in numbers around the world. Not surprising, because it is super useful to always be able to email someone, Whatsapp or Skype when you have a small online task. Think of entering blogs in the CMS, optimizing SEO tasks, planning links on Hootsuite, responding to Instagram, drawing up and executing a strategy for Pinterest, editing photos, checking texts, maintaining a website, developing interviews, completing a press list, etc.

There are even e-courses on how to become a VA, from digital nomads to people who want to become digital nomads (see what they did there?).

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